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CHCWM’s Yuanbin Chen, M.D., Ph.D. author of working group guideline detailing liquid biopsy for lung cancer

Cancer and Hematology Centers of Western Michigan (CHCWM) oncologist Dr. Yuanbin Chen, M.D., Ph.D. is one of six authors of “Incorporating Liquid Biopsy into Routine Practice for Patients with aNSCLC: A Practical Guideline for Community Oncologists from the Liquid Biopsy Working Group.” The Liquid Biopsy Working Group is made up of five other leading community oncologists, and their Guideline outlines research, evidence and recommendations in support of liquid biopsy before first-line therapy.

Liquid biopsies, which commonly consists of a sampling of blood, have not been standard practice before first-line non-cell small lung cancer (NCSLC) therapies. Instead, surgical/core biopsies have been used to extract diagnostic specimen from patients and determine treatment plans. However, according to Liquid Biopsy Working Group’s Guideline, too many of these specimens provide insufficient information to best inform patients’ first-line therapies.

Liquid Biopsy Working Group argues that liquid biopsies at this stage of the work-up process could overcome obstacles that arise in surgical/core biopsies and give NCSLC patients a better chance at survival. The Group’s Guideline presents evidence for this consensus and also outlines their algorithm that may be used in sub-groups of patients. To learn more information, visit

Dr. Chen’s involvement in this working group supports CHCWM’s commitment to provide our patients with modern, state-of-the-art care, a commitment that has led to CHCWM becoming the largest physician-owned oncology and hematology practice in Michigan. We deliver advanced care in a personal way, and our expertise and caring approach make us dedicated to the help, healing and hope for cancer patients and their families. To learn more about CHCWM, visit


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