CHC – The Cancer & Hematology Centers

Recruitment Process

With the growth of CHC over the past several years, opportunities to add new staff and provide new services to our patients is imperative. We are looking for top talent in our community to help lead this growth.

The Interview Process

As CHC grows, the hiring process has expanded and changed format to better suit the needs of our company and our recruits. While we try to make the process as painless as possible, we also need to make sure that we are finding the best people for each position. Not only does it need to be a fit for us, but it needs to be a fit for you as well. Our interview process is designed to be efficient and thorough.

Step 1: Application and Resume Review

Once your resume has been received, we strive to review it and make an initial decision about fit in 3 business days.

Step 2: Phone Interview

If your resume impresses us you’ll have a 30-minute phone interview to get a bit more in-depth where we can learn more about you and your skills.

Step 3: Direct Manager Interview

This in-person interview is with your prospective manager to determine the best-matched candidate for the position.

Step 4: Reference Check

If moved ahead in our hiring process, you will fill out an online form and submit your reference check information.

Step 5: Offer Extended

Yay! You’ve made it through and we’ll call you to let you know that you’ll be joining our team. We’re Excited!

Onboarding and Training

Accepting our offer is just the beginning of your journey with CHC! With pre-hire activities, orientation, and position specific training on the horizon, you are now ready to start a great career with us.

Pre-Hire Activities

Before your first day, we will get you through the background check, drug screen, and paperwork necessary.


Your first day is at our corporate headquarters and will provide a full-day introduction to our systems, educate you on your benefits, and answer any questions you may have.

Position Specific Training

Managers work directly with staff to ensure new hires have both the position specific training and support they need to succeed.