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Nurse Navigators: Patient Care Coordination at CHC

Our nurse navigators are personal guides who work with you every step of your health journey.

What Is Patient Care Coordination?

It’s no secret that a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event that can feel lonely and overwhelming to work through on your own. You may have a flood of decisions to make, and you might not even know where to start.

Nobody should have to go through a cancer diagnosis alone.

Nurse navigators work as coordinators, guides, and advocates through every step of your treatment process. They help you understand exactly what to expect, provide information on the options available to you, organize scans and tests, work with our financial coordinators, and connect you with resources for emotional support.

Nurse discussing treatment options with a patient

Coordinated Patient Care

Your patient care coordination team will stay in touch with you throughout your cancer treatment process as your most reliable guide. Here are some of the services our coordinated care team provides:

  • Translating medical jargon: Anyone who has ever reviewed a lab results letter without a medical degree knows just how confusing it can be to figure out exactly what these say in plain, simple terms. As registered nurses and nurse practitioners, our coordinators can help you understand the results and what they mean.
  • Interpreting doctor’s directions: It’s easy to forget everything your oncologist needs you to know during an appointment. Nurse navigators make it easier to understand the next steps for each phase of your treatment.
  • Understanding treatments and side effects: Your nurse navigator will help you understand what to expect from your treatment process, including possible side effects from medications or therapies.
  • Scheduling appointments and tests: Keeping track of every appointment, test, and scan you need to go to can be challenging when you’re supposed to focus on recovery. Your patient care coordination team will help you organize your appointments to fit your schedule.

As your guide through every step of the process, your nurse navigator will also connect you with other members of your care team, including behavioral oncologists and social workers who can provide valuable resources.

Nurse Navigators at CHC

At the Cancer and Hematology Centers, our patient care coordination team includes registered nurses and nurse practitioners. As your nurse navigators, they will help you understand exactly what’s going on and be in your corner to make your experience more comfortable and convenient.

Working with Your Care Team

During your cancer treatment at CHC, you’ll work with a personalized care team with specialists who will help you with every step of the process. In addition to your nurse navigator, your patient care coordination team will also include:

  • Your oncologist
  • A chemotherapy or biotherapy-certified nurse
  • A nurse practitioner or physician assistant
  • A medical assistant
  • Lab technicians
  • A pharmacist or pharmacy technician
  • A financial coordinator
  • A behavioral oncologist
  • A social worker

Compassionate Care

At CHC, we know that we’re meeting you during one of the most challenging points in your life. That’s why our medical professionals and staff all have the same priority: Making sure you and your family feel comforted and supported, every step of the way.

Every member of your team will take time to answer your questions and listen to your concerns, both physical and emotional. We’re here to help you focus on healing and strive to provide compassionate, innovative care.

The CHC Difference

At CHC, we are here to orchestrate our world-class resources to produce the best possible results for you. We have over two dozen highly skilled oncologists on staff, along with oncology-certified nurses who are certified in chemotherapy or biotherapy administration.

Furthermore, we have access to clinical trials with the latest advances in cancer care, along with a unique behavioral oncology program that provides mental health support to patients and their families.

As many of our physicians say, we’re small enough to know you and experienced enough to give you the best.

Additional Patient Resources

Behavioral Oncology

When dealing with cancer, it’s easy for those who haven’t experienced it to forget there are more than just medical effects. The emotional toll can be just as challenging as the treatment itself, with the stress of trying to juggle life outside of treatment being exhausting on its own.

Behavioral oncology is meant to help patients live with their diagnosis, take care of their physical and mental health, and stay connected with their families. This is mainly done through counseling sessions with a psychologist who specializes in cancer-related mental health issues.


At CHC, we have a dedicated oncology specialty pharmacy with multiple locations. Our pharmacists work together at these specialized pharmacies to ensure the best possible care for our patients.

Our highly trained pharmacists and pharmacy technicians provide medications for complex, challenging diseases like cancer. They have a focus on long-term illnesses and specialize in both IV and oral medications. These professionals will also work with your oncologist, nurse navigator, and other members of your team to provide the medication that’s right for you. 

Social Workers

No two cancer experiences are exactly alike. Our oncology social workers know this and are here to connect patients and their families with the resources that will be most helpful for them. This compassionate team can help patients address the following and more throughout all phases of cancer care:

  • Financial assistance
  • Community resources
  • Disease-specific resources
  • Local support groups
  • Emotional and mental health support
  • Caregiver support
  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • Social Security disability benefits
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) rights for employees
  • Children’s needs
  • Transportation assistance
  • Palliative care concerns
  • Advance care planning
  • Advance directive creation
  • Nursing home and hospice referrals
  • Wish organization referrals
  • Wig and prosthetic resources
  • Senior services

All information shared with a social worker is private and confidential.

Patient visiting consultant regarding treatment

Learn More About Care Coordination at CHC

Our team of experts is here to help you navigate your cancer diagnosis and treatment with peace of mind. To learn more about our treatment options and coordinated care, call 800-411-7999 today.