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Cancer Drug Repository

A Cancer Drug Repository (CDR) allows an individual to donate an oral cancer drug to be used by another individual who meets eligibility criteria.
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Donations must meet the following criteria

  • The item is in its original, unopened, tamper-evident unit dose packaging
  • There is no evidence that the drug has been adulterated or misbranded
  • The item has not been previously donated or resold
  • Medications are not controlled substances under federal or state law
  • Medications are not part of a REMS program
  • Medications, as specified in manufacturer packaging, may be stored at controlled room temperature
  • The original lot number and expiration date of the item are clearly visible
  • The expiration date of the item is at least 6 months later than the date on which it is donated


Examples of medications that are NOT eligable for donation are marked with an X. Accepted donations will have a check mark on them.


Donations for CHC Cancer Drug Repository are accepted at any of our pharmacy locations. (Lacks, LHCP, Holland & Muskegon)