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START Midwest

A partnership that offers new hope through clinical trials.    

Our START Midwest program is part of START’s global network of Phase I clinical research sites. It offers CHC cancer patients first-ever access to experimental treatments and therapies.

Our partnership with START helps advance cancer research while offering hope to patients facing the toughest cancer battles.

Located on the first floor of our East building, START Midwest offers a wide range of Phase I trials led by three of our CHC physicians; Dr. Nehal Lakhani, Dr. Manish Sharma and Dr. Sreenivasa Chandana.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our Phase I Clinical Trials, please call us at (616) 954-5554



“Typically clinical trials should be considered at every step along the way in terms of cancer treatment because there is always room for improvement” – Dr. Nehal Lakhani