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Logan: Behind the Scenes

After battling COVID-19 in late 2021, Logan Dillon, 32, suffered severe lingering symptoms. “I was coughing a lot, but then I started coughing up blood, which led to my cancer diagnosis of Synovial Sarcoma in February 2022.” He said.

Devastated by the news of his diagnosis Logan took time to reflect on his life with an alternative route. “I decided that when I left my first stay in the hospital, I would be done grieving my diagnosis. I set that boundary for myself and chose to think, as of this moment, I’m going into preservation mode,” he said. “Since then, I have had to come to terms with the fact that my diagnosis is part of me, but my body and cells are upset – I choose to identify this diagnosis as my body being angry.”

“I was on a destructive path prior to my diagnosis; I didn’t feel like myself,” Logan said, reflecting on his past. “This diagnosis, in a way, was my wake-up call. Healthily, I’ve reassessed my life with goals and values. I see the positives of this situation – I can find my direction now.”

With an artistic background in singing opera, theater performance, and cosmetology, it was only natural for Logan to consider creating a documentary about his journey. “When I got my diagnosis, I became emotionally blind to everything. I’m working on a documentary that will follow my journey and how important patient advocacy is,” he said.

Logan hopes it will teach people how to listen to their body, communicate with insurance companies, and stresses the importance of knowing what questions to ask and how to check insurance coverage. “I feel very fortunate that my team here (at CHCWM) has helped me with my financial concerns, but many people don’t have that with their healthcare,” Logan said.

Looking towards the future, Logan is hopeful for clinical trials. “Trials are hard to get into because of how specific my cancer is and my genetic testing.” He said, “I’m crossing all my fingers and toes to get on one. The positivity of the brain is so powerful. Through all this, I truly believe in standing tall in a positive mindset.”

Taking time to focus on boundaries and moments of beauty, Logan spends his days painting watercolors, throwing pottery, drying flowers, meditating, supporting small businesses, and loving his two dogs, Carter, and Freya.

When asked what piece of advice he would give others with a similar diagnosis, Logan stated, “The one thing I would say to people who are going through this is don’t hesitate to state your needs or how you feel. The best piece of information I was given was to give yourself grace, even on the good days. Because you need to preserve yourself, it’s your turn to be held and taken care of.”


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