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Best Friends Betty & Eve Celebrate 30 Years Together at CHC

In 1980, St. Mary’s coworkers Eve Graham and Betty McCarthy worked the third shift together as medical technicians. Eve recalls that Betty drove her “crazy” on their first-ever shift. “I thought I wasn’t going to be able to work with her because it felt like she was micromanaging me,” laughed Eve. “But after the first night, we learned we are so much alike! We work fast and want to ensure the lab is cleaner than when we found it.”

Spending their shifts laughing and chatting through the work, they found a unique friendship. On slow nights Betty would play her clarinet, and Eve would crochet to pass the time. The years flew by, advancing their careers and personal lives with double dates, marriages, and raising their children together.

When a job as a lab manager at The Cancer & Hematology Centers opened up in 1993, Eve was encouraged to apply. Soon after, she was interviewing for the position CHC offered Eve the job. “‘Well, I’ll take it on one condition.” said Eve, “I can bring Betty. I don’t do anything without my Betty.”

The friends soon found themselves working side by side in the CHC laboratory, and 30 years later are still with CHC. Betty is the Lead Medical Technician, and Eve is the Director of Laboratory Services. Betty explained that so much has changed since working in the lab for over 40 years, “Back then, we hand-wrote the results and had to highlight the ones that were abnormal for doctors.” Betty said, “Eventually, we got a laboratory information system, and the technological advances have changed so much since we started.”

The pair have proudly owned a second title at CHC, dubbed “The Christmas Party Committee!” They plan a staff party every Christmas to remember the year and celebrate what is to come.

They still regularly meet every Thursday night at On the Border for margaritas. While they mostly laugh until their stomachs hurt, they occasionally talk shop over the rocks.

As their 30th CHC work anniversary passes, Betty and Eve are excited to see where CHC will grow. They have been recognized countless times over the years as going above and beyond for patients and their coworkers. When asked about their favorite thing about each other, Betty stated, “She’s very honest and very faithful. I just look up to her so much.” Eve smiled and responded, “I trust her with my life. She would do anything for me.”


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