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Name of Trial:  Karyopharm XPORT-MF-034

What type of Cancer is this for?  Myelofibrosis (Blood cancer)

Phase: 3

Who is this trial for? Patients with myelofibrosis or post-essential thrombocythemia (ET) or postpolycythemia-vera (PV) myelofibrosis.

What biomarkers involved?  None

What is the National Clinical Trial #? NCT04562389

Brief Summary: Purpose of this study is to evaluate the drug Selinexor in combination with Ruxolitinib vs. Placebo plus Ruxolitinib.  This is a double-blinded randomized clinical trial with 2:1 ratio.

Need to know:  This trial is for patients who have not yet had any treatment for their blood cancer. 

Where is this trial available?  This trial is available at The Cancer and Hematology at Lemmon-Holton Cancer Pavilion, and at The Cancer and Hematology Centers in Muskegon.  This trial is also available at other sites nationwide.

For more information, please call 616-975-3065 or email [email protected]